Where There's Pirates, There's Booty

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Where There's Pirates, There's Booty is an exploration achievement earned for finding the three pirate-themed treasure chests on Timeless Isle.


Timeless Isle map
Sunken Treasure @ 40.4,93.0
Gleaming Treasure Satchel @ 70,80
Blackguard's Jetsam @ 22.7,58.9
Sunken Treasure [40.4, 93.0]
Found below deck in the sunken pirate ship south of Old Pi'jiu. Loot the  [Barnacle Encrusted Key] that unlocks the chest from the cursed hozen swabbies swimming around the ship.
Gleaming Treasure Satchel [70, 80]
Hanging from a port-side boom on the Southsea pirate ship anchored offshore from Croaking Hollow. Get to the poopdeck astern, run up the rigging leading forward, and jump outboard toward the satchel.
Blackguard's Jetsam [22.7, 58.9]
Guarded by Spectral Pirates in Blackguard's Forgotten Cove, an underwater cave with a mouth at [17, 57] offshore of the Timeless Shore.

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