Whirl Turtle

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MobWhirl Turtle
Image of Whirl Turtle
Race Dragon turtle (Beast)
Level 93 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lair of Tortos, Throne of Thunder
Status Killable


  • Ability thunderking spinningshell.png  Spinning Shell — The turtle chases players around the room, spinning rapidly and continuously inflicting 125,128 (LFR: 46,125 /Heroic Difficulty: 205,000) Physical damage to enemies within 5 yards, knocking them away.
  • Ability vehicle shellshieldgenerator.png  Shell Block Important — The turtle hides in his shell at low health, gaining immunity to all damage. While in this state, the turtle can be kicked across the room by players, applying Shell Concussion to any creatures it hits along the way.
  • Ability thunderking kickshell.png  Kick Shell Important — This extra action button can be used to kick a defeated Whirl Turtle across the room. Move close to the shell, then aim by positioning it between yourself and your target. Enemies hit by the shell are afflicted by Shell Concussion.
  • Priest icon chakra green.png  Shell Concussion Important — When kicked, the shell spins forward, interrupting enemies it touches and leaving them off-balance, increasing the damage they take from all sources by 25% for 20 sec.

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