Whispering Pandaren Spirit

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NeutralWhispering Pandaren Spirit
Image of Whispering Pandaren Spirit
Title <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Race Pandaren spirit (Elemental)
Level 90
Health 12,160
Location Jade Forest [28.8, 36.0]
Status Alive

Whispering Pandaren Spirit is a grand master Pet Tamer located in Jade Forest. It has three level 25 Elite battle pets: Dusty (flying), Pandaren Air Spirit (elemental), and Whispertail (dragonkin).

Defeating the spirit is required to complete the [Pandaren Spirit Tamer] achievement.


Flying Dusty
[Cocoon Strike]
[Moth Balls]
[Moth Dust]
Elemental Pandaren Air Spirit
[Slicing Wind]
[Soothing Mists]
[Wild Winds]
Dragonkin Whispertail
[Slicing Wind]
[Wild Winds]


Team layout[1]
  1.  [Anubisath Idol] with the following abilities: [Crush] [Sandstorm] [Deflection]
  2. Leveling Pet: Doesn't matter, just be sure it can survive about 700 aquatic damage.  [Elekk Plushie] is recommended for the achievement.
  3. Emerald Proto-Whelp with the following abilities: [Emerald Bite] [Emerald Presence] [Emerald Dream]


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