Who Wards The Greenwarden

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AllianceWho Wards The Greenwarden
Start Prospector Whelgar [38.8, 39.0]
End Ferilon Leafborn [56.5, 39.8]
Level 24 (Requires 22)
Category Wetlands
Experience 970
Reputation +75 Darnassus
Rewards 8s
Previous A [23] The Angerfang Menace
A [23] Tooling Around
A [23] Strike the Earth!


Talk to Ferilon Leafborn at Greenwarden's Grove in the Wetlands.


The greenwarden was a local legend. Many thought him a myth... the plant-man, protector of the wetlands. The night elves came here just to find him, and after they succeeded they ended up settling down to the east.

They've got a whole grove over there to watch over the greenwarden, and I've heard he's been acting up, enraged by the flooding and damage to the land.

The elves are good people. They could use the help of someone like you. If you get a chance, go tell the head druid what you've done here.


You will receive: 8s


Welcome to the Greenwarden's Grove, <class>. I am glad Whelgar has told you of us.

If you are able to lend us your assistance, I will be most grateful.


  1. A [24] Who Wards The Greenwarden (optional breadcrumb from Whelgar's Retreat)
  2. A [25] Mired in Hatred
  3. A [25] For Peat's Sake
  4. A [25] Longbraid the Grim (optional breadcrumb to Dun Modr)
  5. A [25] The Twilight's Hammer Revealed
  6. A [25] The Battle of Thandol Span
  7. A [25] Into Arathi (optional breadcrumb to Arathi Highlands)

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