Widow Greenpaw

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NeutralWidow Greenpaw
Image of Widow Greenpaw
Title <The Jade Witch>
Gender Female
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 10-35
Resource Mana
Location Lair of the Jade Witch, Jade Forest [39.4, 46.2]
Status Killable
Relative(s) Master Greenpaw (husband)

Widow Greenpaw, also known as the Jade Witch, is a pandaren that lives in the Lair of the Jade Witch located in the Forest Heart in the Jade Forest. She is the widow of Master Greenpaw, a master jade crafter and master monk. Although pitied by the adult villagers of nearby Dawn's Blossom, the children believe that she is a witch that turns people into jade statues.

The children turn out to be correct, as the widow is indeed turning her visitors into jade statues, which she places in gardens surrounding her house. She also has control over jade cat statues, which fight for her and can turn opponents into jade.




  • Yes, dear?
  • Oh my, what a striking pose you have...
  • Please, come a little closer, dear...
  • Oh, hello dear...
  • Do please come again...
  • I look forward to your next visit.
  • Farewell...
  • Oh, leaving so soon?
During N [86] The Jade Witch

Well well, a young visitor.

Have you come to pay your respects at the shrine of my husband? He was a hero you know. A master of Jade crafting and fighting. He was to be remembered forever they said.

Do you like my statues? I craft them with special care saving only the best to provide my husband company and protection.

Gossip Where is Shin?

Widow Greenpaw says: I believe I heard some young whipper snapper in my garden out back. Let's go look for him.
Widow Greenpaw walks around to the garden at the back of the house. She stops in front of Shin, who is a jade statue.
Widow Greenpaw says: Ah, here is the boy. Doesn't he look special? My late husband and I always wanted children.
Widow Greenpaw says: You should join our family, preserved forever in jade.
On summoning an Animated Statuette:
Widow Greenpaw says: Here kitty kitty.


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