Wild Leather Vest (Alliance)

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AllianceWild Leather Vest

45 (Requires 38)




2900 EXP (or 17s 40c at level 70)



Bring 2 Turtle Scale Breastplates, 2  [Turtle Scale Gloves], and a  [Wildvine] to Pratt McGrubben in Feathermoon Stronghold.


Wild Leather vests are the staple of any Wild Leather armor set. The frame of the vest blends with the wildvine to produce a product that offers maximum protection of the torso while allowing for the potent magic to work its way through the garment. For this pattern, I will require two Turtle Scale breastplates, two sets of Turtle Scale gloves, and a wildvine. It's a tall order, but one you should have little difficulty in filling for me.


You receive
Inv scroll 03.png [Pattern: Wild Leather Vest]


Do you have the two Turtle Scale breastplates and gloves I ordered? Also, don't forget the wildvine! Even with the earliest patterns, we learn that the fundamentals of shape translate well into more difficult garments. Though different items, the shape of the Turtle Scale breastplates prepares you for the detailing needed to make a Wild Leather vest. And the gloves... well, they're just for my own benefit. Remember, you're working for me!


These are some very nice pieces here, <name>. The craftsmanship and care put in to making these alone would fetch several silver more than the average piece made. You've filled my order, and with that comes your reward. The knowledge of making Wild Leather vests is now yours!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2900 XP (or 17s 40c at level 70)


  1. A [45] Wild Leather Armor
  2. Completing the above makes the following available:
    1. A [45] Wild Leather Shoulders
    2. A [45] Wild Leather Vest
    3. A [45] Wild Leather Helmet
  3. Completing the previous three makes the following available:
    1. A [45] Wild Leather Boots
    2. A [45] Wild Leather Leggings
  4. Completing the previous two makes the following available:
    1. A Leatherworking [45] Master of the Wild Leather

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