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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Sons of Lothar
Location Blasted Lands, Dark Portal
Status Deceased
Companion(s) Randal (comrade)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Willam was a human entrusted with guarding the Dark Portal after its destruction. While it was an easy job, the cold from the valley was harsh and he did not like it at all. One night Willam and his comrade Randal were taken by surprise when the Dark Portal reopened and a dark shadow covered the area. Randal ordered Willam to sound the alarm to alert the other. While still in shock, he managed to warn everyone by sounding his horn.

He did not survive, for it is claimed that all guards guarding the Dark Portal were killed when the Horde and death knight took it over.[1]


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