William Kielar

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NeutralWilliam Kielar
Image of William Kielar
Title <Spectral Gryphon Master>
Gender Male
Race Ghost (Humanoid)
Level 60 Elite
Health 9,156
Location Plaguewood Tower, Eastern Plaguelands
Relative(s) William Kielar Jr. (son)

William Kielar was a level 60 spectral gryphon flight master located at the Plaguewood Tower in the contested territory of the Eastern Plaguelands. If a faction captured the four original towers, Kielar would spawn for only that current faction and offer free, one-way short cuts to the tower of their choice.

His son William Kielar Jr., a member of the Argent Crusade, now resides at the tower as the flight master.

He has been missing since the Cataclysm, possibly having finally found peace in death as the Argent Crusade cleansed Plaguewood Tower.


Don't be alarmed... while my gryphons may not be entirely alive, they will still carry you faithfully to your destination. Tell me... which tower do you seek?
Gossip "Take me to Northpass Tower."
Gossip "Take me to Eastwall Tower."
Gossip "Take me to Crown Guard Tower."

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