Wind Rider (quest)

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HordeWind Rider

IconSmall Tauren Male.gifHorde Elu <Wind Rider Apprentice>


IconSmall Tauren Male.gifHorde Elu <Wind Rider Apprentice>


29 (Requires 25)


180-1750 XP


In Wind Rider, you must gather wyvern eggs from the wyvern nests in Highperch.

To Get This Quest

Go to Freewind Post in Thousand Needles and talk to Elu.


Bring 10 [Highperch Wyvern Eggs] to Elu in Freewind Post.

You will need:


Highperch very difficult to find if all you have to go off is the quest text. It's actually above the southern cliffs, but to the northeast. It is easiest if you start from Whitereach Post and head south. There is a ramp leading up to Highperch from the valley floor, a totem pole marks the bottom of it. Coordinates are (15,33).

The eggs are scattered all around highperch. To get the eggs, simply right click on them. The wyverns that reside in the area are lvl 28-29, so be prepared to fight that level of creature.

Once you have completed the quest, return to Freewind Post and turn it in to Elu.


I've been tasked to recruit more wyverns for the master wind riders. Their numbers are growing and I myself hope to become a wind rider one day. However, we cannot train enough wyverns to keep up with the demand. Perhaps you can help me, <name>.

I need you to travel to Highperch to gather some wyvern eggs. From here, head northwest along the canyon walls to a ramp that will lead you into Highperch. Be careful, wyverns are very protective over their eggs and they will not be kind to intruders.


You will receive 2:
Inv misc armorkit 16.png [Heavy Armor Kit]


<name>, have you retrieved the wyvern eggs that I seek? I'm really anxious to start my wind rider training!


Perfect! With these eggs I hope to take the next step to become a wind rider. Here is a token of my appreciation; may good hunting always shine upon you, <class>.


This quest causes a lore conflict as Wyverns as said to be semi-sentient and willing allies of the Horde in Warcraft III.

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