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Windweaver Akil'amon

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MobWindweaver Akil'amon
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Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 90 Elite
Health 228,904
Mana 21,262
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Stormsea Landing, Isle of Thunder[68.9, 39.3]
Status Killable

Windweaver Akil'amon is a Zandalari troll located in Stormsea Landing on the Isle of Thunder.


  • Impending Gust — Reduces the targets movement speed by 250%, and after until cancelled all enemy units within 10 yards are knocked into the air. 3 sec cast. Hits for 225-226K Nature.
  • Whirling Cyclone Instant. Ticks for 73-77K Nature.
  • Lift Off — Summons a Soaring Eagle to lift the enemy in the air, dealing damage over time. Instant.
    • Plucked — Grabbed by an Eagle, slowly beings strangled over time. Instant. Triggers...
      • Plucked — Deals 4% damage every second.


Windweaver Akil'amon is summoned from the Primal Ritual Stone north of Stormsea Landing, and is only accessible once the landing has been unlocked.

Get out of the Impending Gust area of effect and try to dodge any Whirling Cyclones. Akil'amon will frequently cast List Off, summoning a Soaring Eagle to snatch a player from the ground. The affected player should use the extra action button that appears to escape from the eagle's claws.

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  • He may be a reference to the loa Akil'zon. Similarly, his ability to summon eagles that can grab the player are similar to Akil'zon from Zul'Aman.
  • He shares the prefix used by eagle loa in the troll pantheon. Akil'zon as well as Akil'darah. Which is hints towards the word "akil" having something to do with eagles.

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