Wings of Aviana

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Vehicle This transformation uses the vehicle interface.
Wings of Aviana transformation

Wings of Aviana is a transformation of the character through the power of Aviana (via the  [Quill of the Bird-Queen]) during the quest N [85 Daily] Call the Flock.

The character retains this form until using the "Exit the vehicle" button, or automatically upon leaving the area around The Regrowth and the Sanctuary of Malorne.


  • Call the Flock — Call nearby birds to join your flock. Instant (3 sec cooldown)

For each bird called, the character gains stacks of the "Soar" buff, increasing movement speed. Each stack increases the remaining duration of the buff by 1 second.

While on the quest Call the Flock, only birds required for the quest grant stacks of Soar. Once the quest has been completed (or abandoned), the quest no longer limits gaining stacks of Soar.


The Wings of Aviana form is necessary to complete the [Ludicrous Speed] achievement.


One of the original Wings of Aviana forms.

When Patch 4.2.0 was first released, the Wings of Aviana transformation would turn you into one of four forms, a large storm crow, buzzard, a goldwing hawk, and even a harpy. Currently, you are always turned into the harpy form shown above.

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