Winter's Presents (Horde)

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The subject of this article or section is part of Feast of Winter Veil, a seasonal event that lasts several weeks. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next year, but there are no guarantees.

HordeWinter's Presents

1 (Requires 1)


10 XP


Speak with Great-father Winter. He is located near the Smokywood Pastures vendor area in Orgrimmar.


I hear Great-father Winter - with the generous support of Smokeywood Pastures - has put presents for everyone under the tree in Orgrimmar. I wish I could go, but I've got to look after the PX-238 Winter Wondervolt.

But you should definitely check it out. I'm sure Great-father Winter has some presents with your name on them.


Oh, ho hello there! You can only be here for one reason: to open your Winter Veil presents.

Now, don't you worry, Great-father Winter hasn't forgotten about his favorite <race> <class>. Look under the tree and you'll find your gifts.

During this season of giving, perhaps your friends would also enjoy receiving some of Smokeywood Pasture's excellent products?


  • You will receive:
    • 10 XP
    • 2g 20s at max level

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