Wintergrasp Catapult

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Wintergrasp Catapult
Image of Wintergrasp Catapult
Race Forsaken catapult (Mechanical)
Level 80
Health 35,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Wintergrasp, Northrend

The Wintergrasp Catapult is the lightest form of siege tank available in Wintergrasp. It moves at about the same speed as a non-epic mount, which also makes it the fastest siege vehicle available, and it is very strong against other players. Additionally, it is very weak against buildings, and is easy to destroy with its meagre 35k health.

Vehicle This vehicle can be mounted.


You need the Corporal or First Lieutenant buff to acquire one from a siege workshop, but there are no requirements needed to hop into one that was already built.

Unlike the Demolisher and Siege Engine, the Catapult only carries one player, who controls the weapons and movement of the catapult.

As a result of its powerful channeled flame-thrower, and long-range direct damage and AOE in the form of blight barrels, it is fantastic against other players. Also, its flame-thrower is the highest dps vehicle based weapon when used against other vehicles. Unfortunately, as previously stated, it has low hitpoints and is relatively easy to destroy.


Stolen from Wowhead.
  • The Flame-thrower is a channeled ability over about 5 seconds, shooting a short jet of fire along the ground in a line in front of you. Can be used while moving. Deals 1000 damage per second to vehicles and players per second, though this cannot harm buildings. This can be resisted and absorbed.
  • The Catapult's Plague Barrel Launch catapults a plague barrel at a medium range at the ground. This deals about moderate damage when it hits the ground and will also plague the ground for about 10 seconds, causing a decent amount of damage per second to anyone standing in it. This can be quite deadly to players not in vehicles. Only the initial damage harms buildings (500 Siege damage). it takes 4 Barrels to equal one Siege Tank's Ram (2000 Siege damage) and it takes roughly 40 barrels to take down a wall at full health (Walls have 20K Health if i'm not mistaken)


Destroying one of these vehicles is a criterion of  Destruction Derby.

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