Witch Doctor Unbagwa

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Witch Doctor Unbagwa
Image of Witch Doctor Unbagwa
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 32
Class Witch doctor
Health 2,114
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Spirit Den, Cape of Stranglethorn [53.9, 47.1]
Status Alive

Witch Doctor Unbagwa is a jungle troll witch doctor who can be found in the Spirit Den, a cave in Mistvale Valley, Cape of Stranglethorn.


While you are on N [33] Stranglethorn Fever, the witch doctor has a repeatable turn-in quest, N [33] The Heart of Mokk. When you give him one [Gorilla Fang], he will begin the summoning of Mokk the Savage, from which you can then loot the  [Heart of Mokk].


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