Witherbark Shadow Hunter

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MobWitherbark Shadow Hunter
Image of Witherbark Shadow Hunter
Race Forest troll (Humanoid)
Level 25 - 26
Class Shadow hunter
Health 702 - 750
Mana 655 - 693
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Witherbark tribe
Location Witherbark Village, Arathi Highlands
Status Killable

Witherbark Shadow Hunter is a forest troll of the Witherbark tribe in the Arathi Highlands. They can be found in the cave south of Witherbark Village.

Objective of

They have a chance to drop  [Witherbark Tusk] for the quest A [26] Worth Its Weight in Gold.

Notable loot


Curse of Weakness (Shadow) - Target's melee attack power is reduced by 82 and armor is reduced by 5% for 2 min.

Shadow Word: pain (Shadow) - A word of darkness that causes 210 Shadow damage over 18 sec.

Silence (Nature) - Silences an enemy, preventing it from casting spells for 5 sec.


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