Withered Green Keeper

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MobWithered Green Keeper
Image of Withered Green Keeper
Race Treant (Elemental)
Level 9 - 10
Health 170 - 200
Wealth 9c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Scorched Grove, Eversong Woods

Withered Green Keepers are the remnants of once-friendly treants who were at one time allied with the blood elves of Eversong Woods. They, however, retaliated when the blood elves were forced to burn the woods surrounding the Ghostlands to prevent further intrusion by the Scourge. Now, the treants, led by Old Whitebark have turned against their former allies in an attempt to foster the regrowth of their forest.


  • Strike (Strikes at an enemy, inflicting normal damage plus a bonus.)

Objective of

Objective: Kill 10 Withered Green Keepers.

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