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November 24, 2004

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WoWWiki was the original name of Wowpedia when it was launched on 24 November 2004. In 2007 the wiki joined Wikia and in the process gave legal rights to the domain to Wikia. In late 2010, mandatory changes to the Wikia interface broke some of WoWWiki's advanced functionality and added many undesirable new limitations. As a result, all of the admins who were not Wikia employees and many of the active users decided to leave Wikia and moved to Wowpedia in October 2010.


Wowpedia was created by duplicating the then-current database, including edit histories and user pages. Thus at the launch of, the two wikis had identical content.[2] Since that time, individual editors have made changes to each of the wikis independent of the other.

These changes are not automatically reflected the other wiki, although there are editors who continue to edit both wikis and may mirror changes from one to the other. As part of the CC-BY-SA license used by both Wowpedia and WoWWiki, copying content between the two sites is permitted if proper attribution is given.

Wikia continues to host as it did before Wowpedia was launched,[3] and that wiki continues to be edited, albeit with a smaller volume of edits than before the split. Wikia has hired a contractor named Raylan13 to perform some updates to


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  3. ^ Wikia policy is to not remove wikis from use when they leave. Wowpedia at WoWWiki.

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