Wolf Training: The Garn

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AllianceWolf Training: The Garn

100 (Requires 100)



Defeat Maimclaw while riding your Snarler-In-Training.

Provided item:


I've got one last challenge for ye, commander, but if it isn't a doozy.

They call them the garn. Wolves as black as night, and twice the size of a normal wolf, they can tear a man apart in seconds. Any beast in their right mind would be scared witless at the sight of such a predator.

There's a lone garn that's made it from their usual home in Frostfire, all the way over to Nagrand. Take your wolf, mount up, and bring it down. If the two of you survive, your wolf will truly be ready.


I can't believe you've managed to train your wolf already! It feels like it was just yesterday that the little ball of fur and death came into my stables.

I'll hand it to ye, that's a fierce little mount ye got there. Here's the reins, enjoy!


You will receive: 30g 80s

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