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AllianceWorgen in the Woods
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Calor, in Darkshire, wanted to expunge evil and heresy from Duskwood, but found that the Night Watch militia had other priorities (like basic defense). Disillusioned, he joined with Jonathan Carevin in attacking the Worgen that threaten much of Duskwood.

Note that the Scythe of Elune quest chain and the Morbent Fel quest chain also deal with the Worgen and why there are in Duskwood.

Worgen in the Woods

A [28] Worgen in the Woods

Calor describes to you why he left the Night Watch militia and joined with Jonathan Carevin. Finding you, too, would like to push the evil out of Duskwood, he asks that you prove yourself against the Nightbane Shadow Weavers in the Rotting Orchard and Brightwood Grove areas.

A [29] Worgen in the Woods

Having proved yourself against the Shadow weavers, Calor next sets you against the Nightbane Dark Runners, who appear to make up the bulk of the Worgen in Duskwood. The largest number of them seem to be in the Rotting Orchard.

A [31] Worgen in the Woods

Having succeeded again, Calor points you to the toughest of the Worgen in the area, the Nightbane Vile Fangs and Nightbane Tainted Ones. These, he tells you, congregate around Roland's Doom, an abandoned mine in the South East of Duskwood.

Note: one of the final parts of the Scythe of Elune quest chain also leads you into this mine.
A [31] Worgen in the Woods

Having proved yourself able to take on the best the Worgen can dish out, Calor is finally willing to write you a note of recommendation to Master Carevin.

And that recommendation was needed, too, as Carevin is initially brusque with you. He warms, though, when he reads Calor's note. He appreciates your work enough to even reward you.



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  4. A [31] Worgen in the Woods