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The Worgen starting experience takes place in an instanced version of Gilneas City and later, the peninsula of Gilneas.

Upon the conclusion of Endgame, players leave the instance and head to Rut'theran Village on Teldrassil of Northern Kalimdor, take a quick trip into Darnassus and then start the Darkshore storyline.

Gilneas City

Gilneas city zone map

In Gilneas City players are thrust into the action as the city is being locked down. The Worgen are invading the city and all citizens are being told to stay inside. When it becomes apparent that the Gilnean forces cannot stop the Worgen, players help evacuate the citizens into the Military Quarter for safety in the quest A [2] Evacuate the Merchant Square. In an effort to protect the city, King Genn Greymane decides on a drastic course of action - he frees the rebel Lord Darius Crowley from prison. Together, Greymane and Crowley try to defend the city but to no avail. Greymane begins an evacuation of the city as players join Crowley in Light's Dawn Cathedral to make a [Last Stand].

  1. A [1] Lockdown!
  2. A [2] Something's Amiss
  3. A [2] All Hell Breaks Loose / A [2] Evacuate the Merchant Square / A [2] Salvage the Supplies
  4. A [3] Royal Orders
  5. A [3] Safety in Numbers
  6. A [3] While You're At It
  7. A [4] The Rebel Lord's Arsenal
  8. A [4] From the Shadows
  9. A [4] Message to Greymane
  10. A [4] Save Krennan Aranas
  11. A [4] Time to Regroup
  12. A [5] Sacrifices
  13. A [5] By Blood and Ash
  14. A [5] Never Surrender, Sometimes Retreat
  15. A [5] Last Stand


Initial zone map

Several months have passed since the evacuation of Gilneas City and a cutscene reveals that players were transformed into Worgen by the curse. All of the Gilnean survivors regrouped in Duskhaven where those who had been afflicted by the curse were treated by Krennan Aranas. He developed a temporary treatment that allows those afflicted by the curse to control it, but only lasts as long as he has ingredients. Matters get complicated again in A [5] Invasion as it is revealed that the Forsaken have arrived in Gilneas with an invasion force. Together with Prince Liam Greymane and Lord Godfrey, players resist the invasion before a massive explosion sounds out.

  1. A [5] Last Chance at Humanity
  2. A [5] Among Humans Again
  3. A [5] In Need of Ingredients
  4. A [5] Invasion
  5. A [5] Kill or Be Killed
  6. A [5] Hold the Line / A [5] You Can't Take 'Em Alone
  7. A [5] Holding Steady
  8. A [6] The Allens' Storm Cellar
  9. A [6] Unleash the Beast / A [6] Two By Sea / A [6] Save the Children!
  10. A [6] Leader of the Pack

Exodus from Duskhaven

After Leader of the Pack
After the King's Observatory

It turns out the massive explosion heard during the battle was the land of Gilneas collapsing. The Cataclysm weakened the earth and now it is collapsing into the sea. Mayor Gwen Armstead immediately initiates an evacuation from Duskhaven before the entire town goes under and commissions players to help convince the more "difficult" citizens to leave. The evacuated citizens travel to Greymane Manor briefly, before moving onwards toward Stormglen.

  1. A [6] As the Land Shatters
  2. A [6] Gasping for Breath
  3. A [7] Evacuation
  4. Complete all of:
    • Gramma
    1. A [7] Grandma Wahl
    2. A [7] Grandma's Lost It Alright
    3. A [7] I Can't Wear This
    4. A [7] Grandma's Cat
    5. A [7] Ready to Go (optional)
    • Haywards
    1. A [7] The Hayward Brothers
    2. A [7] Not Quite Shipshape & A [7] Washed Up
    3. A [7] Escape By Sea (optional)
    • Crowley
    1. A [7] The Crowley Orchard
    2. A [7] The Hungry Ettin
    3. A [7] Horses for Duskhaven (optional)
  5. A [7] To Greymane Manor
  6. A [7] The King's Observatory
  7. A [7] Alas, Gilneas!
  8. A [8] Exodus


On the way to Stormglen, players work with Prince Liam Greymane to halt the Forsaken forces following them before arriving in the abandoned town, finding it overrun with spiders. In hopes of finding out what happened to Stormglen, Lorna Crowley, daughter of Lord Darius Crowley, sends players into the Blackwald - a great marsh north of Stormglen. In the Blackwald players meet with Belysra Starbreeze, a night elf from Darnassus and travel to Tal'doren, finding Lord Darius Crowley alive and transformed into a Worgen himself. In Tal'doren, Belysra and the other Night Elves reveal the origin of the Worgen curse - it was a Night Elven creation thousands of years earlier. Using a mystical artifact known as the Scythe of Elune as well as the waters of the tree Tal'doren, the Night Elves enact a ritual that gives players permanent control of the Worgen form, making it a blessing instead of a curse in A [9] Neither Human Nor Beast. As the ritual completes, King Genn Greymane arrives with Lorna Crowley and Lord Godfrey, who immediately demands Lord Darius Crowley surrender. With mounting tensions, King Greymane reveals a secret - he is also a Worgen. Finding common ground, Lord Crowley and King Greymane agree to unite and take back Gilneas City.

  1. A [8] Stranded at the Marsh
  2. A [8] Introductions Are in Order
  3. A [8] Stormglen
  4. A [8] Pest Control
  5. A [9] Queen-Sized Troubles
  6. A [8] The Blackwald
  7. A [9] Losing Your Tail
  8. A [9] Tal'doren, the Wild Home
  9. A [9] At Our Doorstep
  10. A [9] Take Back What's Ours
  11. A [9] Neither Human Nor Beast
  12. A [9] Return to Stormglen
  13. A [9] Onwards and Upwards

Battle for Gilneas City

As the united Gilneans and Worgen return to Gilneas City to seize it from the Forsaken that occupied it, Lord Godfrey betrays King Greymane in A [10] Betrayal at Tempest's Reach, then jumps off a cliff after players rescue him. As the Gilneans prepare to assault the city, Lorna Crowley helps players liberate the small town of Emberstone from Forsaken control. Finally in the massive quest A [11] The Battle for Gilneas City, players join the fight to retake the city, moving from quarter to quarter and pushing back the Forsaken forces. Finally the armies come face to face with Sylvanas Windrunner herself and she shoots at King Greymane - only to have the shot blocked by Prince Liam Greymane. With Prince Liam Greymane dying, King Greymane promises vengeance before realizing that the Forsaken intend to use the Undead Plague to purge the city of life. Abandoning his third for vengeance, Greymane orders the Gilneans to abandon their city for the second time - travelling to the shore. Arriving at Keel Harbor, Night Elves from Darnassus have ships ready to take the Gilnean survivors to Teldrassil.

  1. A [10] Betrayal at Tempest's Reach
  2. A [10] Flank the Forsaken
  3. A [10] Liberation Day / A [10] Last Meal / A [11] Slaves to No One
  4. A [11] Push Them Out
  5. A [11] The Battle for Gilneas City
  6. A [11] The Hunt For Sylvanas
  7. A [11] Vengeance or Survival
  8. A [11] Slowing the Inevitable
  9. A [11] Knee-Deep
  10. A [11] Laid to Rest
  11. A [11] Patriarch's Blessing
  12. A [12] Keel Harbor
  13. A [12] They Have Allies, But So Do We
  14. A [12] Endgame
  15. A [12] Rut'theran Village
  16. A [10] The Howling Oak
  17. A IconSmall Worgen Male.gifIconSmall Worgen Female.gif [10] Breaking Waves of Change

In Darnassus, the Worgen are set up in a great tree known as the Howling Oak. There, King Genn Greymane asks players to aid the Night Elves as thanks for saving them and sends them to Darkshore in A [10] Breaking Waves of Change.

Full Quest List

Gilneas City

Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
A [1] Lockdown! Prince Liam Greymane Lieutenant Walden 80 +250 Gilneas 15c Go to Lieutenant Walden to be evacuated to a safe point.
A [2] Something's Amiss Lieutenant Walden Prince Liam Greymane 170 +250 Gilneas 35c Return to Prince Liam Greymane and inform him that his Lieutenant is dead.
A [2] All Hell Breaks Loose Prince Liam Greymane Prince Liam Greymane 215 +350 Gilneas  [Wolf Fur Coat]
Repel the Worgen attack
A [2] Evacuate the Merchant Square Prince Liam Greymane Prince Liam Greymane 215 +350 Gilneas 65c Evacuate the civilians from their homes in the Merchant Square.
A [2] Salvage the Supplies Gwen Armstead Gwen Armstead 215 +350 Gilneas  [Salvager's Bag]
Salvage as many supplies as possible before evacuating the Merchant Square.
A [3] Royal Orders Prince Liam Greymane Gwen Armstead 250 +250 Gilneas 50c Evacuate with the civilians to the Military Quarter.
A [3] Safety in Numbers Class Trainer King Genn Greymane 65 +25 Gilneas 13c Join the bulk of the survivors with King Genn Greymane.
A [5] Old Divisions King Genn Greymane Captain Broderick 35 +10 Gilneas 7c Speak to Captain Broderick about rescuing Lord Darius Crowley.
A [3] The Prison Rooftop Captain Broderick Lord Darius Crowley 25 +10 Gilneas 5c Find Lord Darius Crowley up above the prison and ask for his help.
A [3] While You're At It Lord Godfrey Lord Godfrey 190 +150 Gilneas  [Armstead Bracers] or  [Merchant's Chestguard]
Kill Bloodfang Worgen along the path to freeing Lord Darius Crowley.
A [4] By the Skin of His Teeth Lord Darius Crowley Lord Darius Crowley 355 +250 Gilneas  [Darius' Sash] or  [Dempsey's Gloves] or  [Bracers of the Queen's Gate]
Defend Dempsey for two minutes until he can be stabilized and evacuated.
A [3] Brothers in Arms Lord Darius Crowley King Genn Greymane 25 +10 Gilneas 5c Report to King Greymane that Lord Crowley is prepared to assist in the fight.
A [4] The Rebel Lord's Arsenal King Genn Greymane Josiah Avery -- -- -- Find Lord Crowley's arsenal in a cellar with Josiah Avery.
A [4] From the Shadows Lorna Crowley Lorna Crowley 355 +250 Gilneas  [Timeworn Staff] and  [Mastiff Trainer's Wand] or  [Alarmbringer's Mace] or  [Houndmaster's Crossbow]
Clear the path out of the cellar so the arsenal can be removed.
A [4] Message to Greymane Lorna Crowley King Genn Greymane 90 +25 Gilneas -- Inform King Greymane that Lord Crowley's arsenal is ready to go.
A [4] Save Krennan Aranas King Genn Greymane Lord Godfrey 180 +75 Gilneas 35c Rescue Krennan Aranas from the prison before blowing the Worgen up.
A [4] Time to Regroup Lord Godfrey King Genn Greymane 35 +10 Gilneas 7c Continue onward to Greymane Court, where the survivors have moved to set up a new defensive line.
A [5] Sacrifices Lord Darius Crowley Tobias Mistmantle 335 +150 Gilneas 75c Charge into the fray with Lord Darius Crowley and slay as many Worgen as possible.
A [5] By Blood and Ash Tobias Mistmantle Tobias Mistmantle 450 +250 Gilneas  [Steadfast Boots] or  [Cannoneer's Leggings]
Man the cannons and start the repulsion of the Worgen.
Alliance 15.png [5] Never Surrender,
Sometimes Retreat
Tobias Mistmantle Lord Darius Crowley 225 +75 Gilneas 50c Head into Light's Dawn Cathedral and inform Lord Darius Crowley that the defense isn't working.
A [5] Last Stand Lord Darius Crowley Lord Darius Crowley 670 +250 Gilneas 3s Make a final stand together with Lord Darius Crowley in Light's Dawn Cathedral.


Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
A [5] Last Chance at Humanity King Genn Greymane King Genn Greymane 450 +250 Gilneas -- Drink a potion made by Krennan Aranas to regain control of the Worgen curse.
A [5] Among Humans Again Lord Godfrey Krennan Aranas 225 +25 Gilneas 50c Find Krennan Aranas to show your recovery.
A [5] In Need of Ingredients Krennan Aranas Crate of Mandrake Essence 450 +250 Gilneas 1s Collect mandrake essence so Krennan can continue brewing the potion to control the curse.
A [5] Invasion Slain Watchman Gwen Armstead 450 +250 Gilneas 1s Inform Gwen Armstead that Gilneas is being invaded by Forsaken.
A [5] Kill or Be Killed Gwen Armstead Prince Liam Greymane 225 +75 Gilneas 50c Join Prince Liam Greymane and slow down the Forsaken while Gwen rallies the militia.
A [5] Hold the Line Prince Liam Greymane Prince Liam Greymane 450 +250 Gilneas  [Repeller's Bracers] or  [Gilnean Soldier's Waistband]
Join the fray and slay the Forsaken Invaders.
A [5] You Can't Take 'Em Alone Prince Liam Greymane Prince Liam Greymane 450 +250 Gilneas  [Bottle of Dalaran Noir] x5 and  [Refreshing Spring Water] or  [Spice Bread]
Take out the Forsaken Abominations using barrels of gunpowder.
A [5] Holding Steady Prince Liam Greymane Gwen Armstead 335 +150 Gilneas 75c Return to Gwen Armstead and see what else can be done.
A [6] The Allens' Storm Cellar Gwen Armstead Lord Godfrey 315 +75 Gilneas 65c Join Lord Godfrey at the Forsaken landing site to repel their forces.
A [6] Unleash the Beast Lord Godfrey Lord Godfrey 630 +250 Gilneas  [Gilded Leggings] or  [Godfrey's Dagger]
1s 25c
Use the power of the Worgen form to beat back the Forsaken Combatants.
A [6] Two By Sea Lord Godfrey Lord Godfrey 630 +250 Gilneas  ["Flying" Worgen Robes] or  [Gloves of the Two Birds]
1s 25c
Use the Forsaken catapults to launch onto their ships and take out the captains.
A [6] Save the Children! Melinda Hammond Melinda Hammond 630 +250 Gilneas  [Caregiver's Leggings] or  [Gloves of Protection]
1s 25c
Rescue Melissa Hammond's children from the farmstead.
A [6] Leader of the Pack Lord Godfrey Lord Godfrey 475 +150 Gilneas  [Leader's Boots] or  [Dark Ranger's Vest]
Summon mastiffs to take down the Forsaken commander Dark Ranger Thyala.
A [6] As the Land Shatters Lord Godfrey Prince Liam Greymane 315 +75 Gilneas 65c Find Prince Liam and figure out what just happened.
A [6] Gasping for Breath Prince Liam Greymane Prince Liam Greymane 630 +250 Gilneas  [Minor Healing Potion] or  [Minor Mana Potion]
1s 25c
Rescue as many drowning watchmen as possible from the newly-formed ocean.
A [7] Evacuation Prince Liam Greymane Gwen Armstead 210 +25 Gilneas 45c Tell Gwen Armstead to begin evacuating Duskhaven to higher ground.
A [7] Grandma Wahl Gwen Armstead Grandma Wahl 415 +75 Gilneas -- Travel to to the Wahl Cottage to convince Grandma Wahl to leave.
A [7] Grandma's Lost It Alright Grandma Wahl Grandma Wahl 625 +150 Gilneas 1s 25c Find Grandma Wahl's lost book so she can leave.
A [7] I Can't Wear This Grandma Wahl Grandma Wahl 415 +75 Gilneas 85c Collect Grandma Wahl's good clothes so she can leave.
A [7] Grandma's Cat Grandma Wahl Grandma Wahl 625 +150 Gilneas  [Granny's Mallet] or  [Orange Blanket]
1s 25c
Bring back Grandma Wahl's cat so she can leave.
A [7] Ready to Go Grandma Wahl Gwen Armstead 415 +75 Gilneas 85c Inform Gwen Armstead that Grandma Wahl is ready to go.
A [7] The Hayward Brothers Gwen Armstead Sebastian Hayward 415 +75 Gilneas 85c Inform the Hayward brothers that an evacuation is under way.
A [7] Not Quite Shipshape Sebastian Hayward Sebastian Hayward 625 +150 Gilneas  [Shipwright's Bag]
1s 25c
Collect supplies so Sebastian Hayward can repair his boats for escape.
A [7] Washed Up Sebastian Hayward Sebastian Hayward 625 +150 Gilneas  [Boatwork Boots] or  [Repair Belt]
1s 25c
Hold off the Forsaken while Sebastian repairs his boats.
A [7] Escape By Sea Sebastian Hayward Gwen Armstead 415 +75 Gilneas 85c Inform Gwen Armstead that the Haywards are leaving by sea.
A [7] The Crowley Orchard Gwen Armstead Lorna Crowley 85 +10 Gilneas 17c Tell Lorna Crowley about the evacuation.
A [7] The Hungry Ettin Lorna Crowley Lorna Crowley 625 +150 Gilneas  [Lorna's Gloves] or  [Crowley's Belt]
1s 25c
Gather Mountain Horses from around the orchard to bring back to Duskhaven.
A [7] Horses for Duskhaven Lorna Crowley Gwen Armstead 85 -- 17c Inform Gwen Armstead about the horses Lorna is bringing.
A [7] To Greymane Manor Gwen Armstead Queen Mia Greymane 210 +25 Gilneas 45c Join the evacuation to Greymane Manor and speak with Queen Mia.
A [7] The King's Observatory Queen Mia Greymane King Genn Greymane 210 +25 Gilneas 45c Speak to King Genn Greymane who has locked himself in his observatory.
A [7] Alas, Gilneas! King Genn Greymane King Genn Greymane 210 +25 Gilneas -- Look at the wreckage of Duskhaven, sunk beneath the ocean.
A [8] Exodus King Genn Greymane Prince Liam Greymane 1,060 +250 Gilneas 2s 25c Board a carriage and ride further inland to try to find a safe place.
A [8] Stranded at the Marsh Prince Liam Greymane Prince Liam Greymane 1,060 +250 Gilneas  [Paramedic Bracers] or  [Hailwood Chestpiece]
2s 25c
Rescue survivors from a nearby carriage attacked by ogres and thrown into the marsh.
A [8] Introductions Are in Order Prince Liam Greymane Prince Liam Greymane 1,060 +250 Gilneas 2s 25c Steal the ettin Koroth's banner to trick him into destroying the Forsaken forces.
A [8] Stormglen Prince Liam Greymane Gwen Armstead 530 +75 Gilneas -- Meet Gwen Armstead in Stormglen where the carriages are regrouping.
A [8] Pest Control Gwen Armstead Gwen Armstead 1,060 +250 Gilneas 2s 25c Clear out the spiders from Stormglen so the villagers can rest safely.
A [9] Queen-Sized Troubles Gwen Armstead Gwen Armstead 1,300 +250 Gilneas  [Rygna-Silk Leggings] or  [Arachnophobe's Breastplate] or  [Braided Gossamer Armbands]
Slay the spiders' broodmother Rygna to stop the flow of spiders into Stormglen.
A [8] Pieces of the Past Lorna Crowley Lorna Crowley 1,060 +250 Gilneas 2s 25c Collect sheets from Bradshaw's journal to piece together what happened to Stormglen.
A [8] The Blackwald Lorna Crowley Belysra Starbreeze 530 +75 Darnassus 1s 10c Travel into the Blackwald to find Bradshaw's mill.
A [9] Losing Your Tail Belysra Starbreeze Belysra Starbreeze 1,300 +250 Gilneas  [Seryl's Robes] or  [Hightailing Leggings] or  [Hotfoot Boots]
Bait one of Sylvanas' scouts in and then slay her.
A [9] Tal'doren, the Wild Home Belysra Starbreeze Lord Darius Crowley 1,300 +250 Gilneas 3s Travel to Tal'doren and find Lord Darius Crowley, who survived.
A [9] At Our Doorstep Lord Darius Crowley Lord Darius Crowley 1,300 +250 Gilneas 3s Take out the Forsaken Banshees that are searching for the Scythe of Elune.
A [9] Take Back What's Ours Lord Darius Crowley Lord Darius Crowley 975 +150 Gilneas 2s Retrieve the Scythe of Elune from the Dark Rangers.
A [11] Preparations Vassandra Stormclaw Vassandra Stormclaw 1,380 +150 Darnassus 3s Collect Moonleaves to prepare a ceremony that will give permanent control of the Worgen curse to those affected by it.
A [9] Neither Human Nor Beast Lord Darius Crowley Lord Darius Crowley 1,300 +250 Gilneas  [Staff of Earned Tranquility] or  [Cry of the Wolf] or  [Hammer of Controlled Fury] or  [Sharp Edge of Balance]
Drink from the Waters of Fury, Tranquility and Balance to gain control of the Worgen form permanently.
A [9] Return to Stormglen Lord Darius Crowley Gwen Armstead 650 +75 Gilneas 1s 50c Return to Stormglen and tell Gwen Armstead to keep the carriages moving.
A [9] Onwards and Upwards Gwen Armstead Krennan Aranas 975 +150 Gilneas 2s Catch up with King Greymane and Krennan Aranas, who traveled to Tempest's Reach.
A [10] Betrayal at Tempest's Reach Krennan Aranas King Genn Greymane 1,950 +250 Gilneas  [Lord Walden's Top Hat] and  [Blue-Bloodied Boots] or  [Greymane Cloak]
Sneak into Tempest's Reach and rescue King Greymane from Lord Godfrey.
A [10] Flank the Forsaken King Genn Greymane Lorna Crowley 780 +75 Gilneas 1s 75c Ride ahead to rescue a mining town that was captured by the Forsaken.
A [10] Liberation Day Lorna Crowley Lorna Crowley 1,560 +150 Gilneas 3s 50c Rescue the Emberstone villagers enslaved by the Forsaken.
A [10] Last Meal Magda Whitewall Magda Whitewall 1,950 +350 Gilneas 3s 50c Collect stag meat so Magda Whitewall can create a great meal before the final battle.
A [11] Slaves to No One Marcus Marcus 1,380 +150 Gilneas  [Laborer's Belt] or  [Emberstone Mail] or  [Marcus' Pickaxe]
Slay the slavedriver abomination Brothogg and exact vengeance for the captured villagers.
A [11] Push Them Out Lorna Crowley Lorna Crowley 1,840 +250 Gilneas 4s Drive the Forsakn from Emberstone once and for all.
A [11] The Battle for Gilneas City Lorna Crowley Lorna Crowley 2,760 +500 Gilneas  [Marshalling Point] or  [Rallying Charge] or  [Gilnean Shield] or  [Cloak of the Clarion Call] or  [Mace of the Blood Price]
Join the ultimate battle for Gilneas city - assault the city and eliminate the Forsaken forces, as well as Sylvanas herself.
A [11] The Hunt For Sylvanas Lorna Crowley Lorna Crowley 2,300 +350 Gilneas 8s Track down Sylvanas to exact vengeance for Prince Liam's death.
A [11] Vengeance or Survival Lorna Crowley King Genn Greymane 1,380 +150 Gilneas 3s Give King Greymane the choice - evacuate the city before it is destroyed or try to kill Sylvanas.
A [11] Slowing the Inevitable King Genn Greymane King Genn Greymane 2,300 +350 Gilneas 8s Bomb the Forsaken catapults before they can dispense the plague on Gilneas City.
A [11] Knee-Deep King Genn Greymane Krennan Aranas 1,840 +250 Gilneas 4s Use the tunnels beneath Gilneas City to evacuate it again.
A [11] Laid to Rest Krennan Aranas Krennan Aranas 1,840 +250 Gilneas 4s Calm the spirits angered by the escape of the Gilneans.
A [11] Patriarch's Blessing Krennan Aranas Krennan Aranas 1,840 +250 Gilneas 4s Place the blessed offering at Aderic's Tomb to soothe the spirits.
A [12] Keel Harbor Krennan Aranas Lord Darius Crowley 215 +10 Gilneas 50c Travel to Keel Harbor with the remaining survivors of Gilneas.
Alliance 15.png [12] They Have Allies,
But So Do We
Lord Darius Crowley Lord Darius Crowley 2,690 +350 Gilneas  [Night Elven Bow] or  [Seryl's Promise]
Battle the newly-arrived Orcs with the help of the newly-arrived Night Elves.
A [12] Endgame Lorna Crowley Lorna Crowley 3,230 +500 Gilneas 15s Destroy the Horde gunship to start the evacuation onto the Night Elven ships.
A [12] Rut'theran Village Admiral Nightwind Admiral Nightwind 215 -- 50c Ride the boat to Rut'theran Village with the rest of the Gilnean survivors.
A [10] The Howling Oak Krennan Aranas King Genn Greymane 780 -- 1s 75c Travel to Darnassus and speak with King Greymane in the Howling Oak.
A [10] Breaking Waves of Change King Genn Greymane Dentaria Silverglade 390 +25 Darnassus 85c Join the fight of the Alliance by heading to Darkshore.