World of Shadows (quest)

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NeutralWorld of Shadows





World of Shadows introduces the player to the time-lost plateau of Skettis. Once completed, the quest N [70] More Shadow Dust is available to obtain more  [Elixir of Shadows].

This quest enables N [70] Secrets of the Talonpriests.

 [Elixir of Shadows] is needed to acquire items for several other quests.


Severin wants you to venture into Skettis and retrieve 6  [Shadow Dust] from the arakkoa that dwell there.


Sky Commander Adaris was seriously injured during a Skettis incursion. He's been in and out of consciousness since.

I fear he has succumbed to a feverish delirium. During brief lucid moments he demands that I prepare an elixir made from shadow dust carried by the arakkoa. He seems to believe it will allow him to see into a "world of shadows" where the arakkoa's true leaders dwell.

I do not believe this nonsense for a second, but I fear he won't rest until I obtain such an elixir. Will you help?


Have you obtained the dust, <name>?


I thank you, <name>. I will administer a small amount to the commander... to humor him. You can keep the rest, perhaps you'll find a use for it.



The Shadow Dust drops about 20% of the time from Wing Guards, about 27% of the time from Talonites and Windwalkers, and 32% of the time from Soulcallers.

On completion:

Sky Commander Adaris says: The elixir... give it to me, Severin!
Adaris stands up.
Sky Commander Adaris says: I see them now... assassins from Skettis!
Adaris runs forward and swinging his polearm, kills something invisible. A Skettis Assassin appears out of nowhere as it dies and falls dead to the ground.
Severin yells: Adaris!
Adaris kills a second assassin, which also falls dead.
Sky Commander Adaris says: The arakkoa can send all the assassins they have... they will meet the same fate as these!
Adaris returns to his spot and sits down again.

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