World of Warcraft: The Board Game - The Burning Crusade

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The Burning Crusade
The Burning Crusade board game.jpg

John Goodenough
Christian T. Petersen


Tim Arney-O'Neil
Jesper Ejsing


Fantasy Flight Games


Edge Entertainment
Fantasy Flight Games


September 2007

# of players

2 - 6

Retail price


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Not to be confused with the World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade.
The back side of the box.

The Burning Crusade is an expansion pack for World of Warcraft: The Board Game.


Beyond the Dark Portal lies a broken land of adventure, mystery, and unfathomable peril. The once beauteous world of Draenor has been destroyed by the plotting of the orc shaman Ner'zhul – only Outland, a scarred and broken continent adrift in the Twisting Nether, remains.

Return to your ancestral homeland as a proud warrior of the Horde, or search for the heroic survivors of the Second War as a noble soldier of the Alliance. Take your World of Warcraft: the Board Game experience to new heights of power and depths of peril with The Burning Crusade Expansion.

Play as a Draenei shaman or a Blood Elf paladin. Unlock new powers and talents as you rise to level six. Challenge new Overlords, battle new monsters, purchase a flying mount, and venture into dangerous dungeons in both Azeroth and Outland.

Dozens of detailed plastic figures, with new monsters and new heroes. Based on the fastest-selling computer game expansion of all time. New game board, new Heroes, new monsters, new quests, new items, new powers, new rules, dungeons, flying mounts, Outland, and more!


  • A new four-panel Outland board.
  • 51 Monster miniatures (1 each miniature in the new purple color and 1 of each color in the new casts).
  • 2 New character figures (the Sun Elf Paladin and Draenai Shaman).
  • 2 Character sheets (with the appropriate opposite gender character reprinted on the back).
  • 9 Level 6 character extensions, one for each class.
  • 54 New class cards, 6 each for the 9 different classes.
  • 38 Hexagon item cards.
  • 5 New special item cards.
  • 44 New quest cards for each faction.
  • 18 New blue quest cards. These add a benefit to killing the non-quest blue monsters.
  • 177 Dungeon cards for the 7 different dungeons on the board (4 in Lordaeron, 3 in Outland.)
  • 4 New overlords.
  • 9 New dice, 3 of each color, allowing up to 10-dice combat pools.

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