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World of Warcraft Diary
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Hardcover, Digital

The World of Warcraft Diary is a book about the development of World of Warcraft. Though not licensed by Blizzard, the book was written by World of Warcraft's first Level Designer, Johnathan Staats. After his time at Blizzard, Staats compiled a great number of notes that he took all throughout the development of the game into a book, with the approval of the company. This project was funded through a Kickstarter, which was fully backed up within 10 minutes of its launch, August 28, 2018.

The book provides a unique, detailed look into the development of World of Warcraft, from conceptualizing to implementing. It reveals never-seen-before information on the game and includes 130 pictures. It also provides insight into the life of Blizzard developers and tackles the great themes of game development in general including lore and gameplay.

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