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This is a silly article.

The content of this article is not part of official Warcraft lore, but has nevertheless become part of the World of Warcraft culture or community.

Kyle in WoW

The premier episode of South Park's second half of season 10, named Make Love, Not Warcraft featured the boys as WoW addicts who attempt to rid the game world of a troublesome high level player named Jenkins referred as "He Who Has No Life". Portions of the show were filmed in machinima style with each of the main characters as corresponding Alliance characters in the game. The episode made numerous references to in-game terms and was set mainly near Goldshire in the Elwynn Forest.


  • Kenny - Human hunter (A class unavailable to humans when this episode aired)
  • Kyle - Human mage
  • Cartman - Dwarf warrior
  • Stan - Human warrior
  • Jenkins - Human mage (he is depicted using fireball and Arcane explosion, although he generally attacks with a dagger)
  • Randy - Human hunter, although he is equipped with the starting Warrior gear.
  • Butters - Originally Dwarf Warrior, changes his character and makes no other appearance)
  • Craig - Gnome Mage
  • Clyde - Night Elf Hunter
  • Ike - Human, wears cloth armor, class unknown
  • Jimmy - Night Elf Hunter
  • Timmy - Most likely Human priest, as his outfit and weapon are the starting human priest gear
  • Token - Most likely Human Rogue, as he wore what looks like leather armor and he dual wields daggers
  • Tweek - Gnome, used a one-handed sword, class unknown

Differences from World of Warcraft

While the episode stayed true to World of Warcraft, the WoW portrayed in this episode has many differences from the real game, although they were possibly meant as Easter eggs for the attentive WoW observer:

  • Many battles were taken place in mid/high level zones such as Arathi Highlands, however many characters who were in level 1 gear were roaming these areas and killing the monsters; which, ingame, would be harrowing as your aggro radius would be huge.
  • Kenny and Randy were human hunters, though the hunter class was not available to humans at the time, nor had the Cataclysm expansion been announced.
  • Hunters are unable to equip a shield. In Randy's case, he is equipped with the starting warrior gear, which may indicate that Randy's class may have actually been warrior and he only described himself as a "hunter". Kenny may similarly have been a warrior or a rogue, as those classes can also use bow weapons. Randy's Bar UI also displays a warrior stance bar, further implying that he is a warrior.
  • Though he plays a human, Stan's character wears the  [Frostwolf Battle Tabard].
  • No one, not even Jenkins, can summon four scorpions (though the spell in question is reminiscent of Warcraft I). However, if you allow for the fact that Jenkins had become so powerful that even Game Masters couldn't stop him, anything's possible.
  • Despite most likely being a mage (due to his use of Fireball and Arcane Explosion), Jenkins wears a helmet which appears to be either plate or mail, normally unwearable for a mage (although it is stated that he achieved a never-before-seen level, thus probably gaining the ability to wear such a helmet).
  • Is not possible for Alliance players to kill other Alliance players outside of the four arenas where Player vs All is allowed. This is a major plot point of the episode, as Jenkins is stated to be such a high level that he can "ignore the game's rules" and thus kill indiscriminately.
  • It is said Jenkins has more levels than any other player or the GMs, but in World of Warcraft, the level is capped.
  • In the starting area of Elwynn Forest, the low level mobs are wolves and not boars. However, boars are present in the forested area south of Goldshire, which is where the party appeared to have been grinding.
  • No matter how many low level mobs you kill, you cannot level only by killing those; once a mob turns grey (between 10 and 20 levels lower than you, depending on your level), it is no longer worth any experience.
  • A Game Master can kill any player character or simply ban them; Jenkins should not have caused much problem.
  • Butter's character was supposedly recently created when appeared, but wore mid-level equipment and not the starting gear.
  • All characters in the episode were Alliance characters. No mention of the Horde is made. Butters remarks that there are "only four races to choose from" in the game (at the time of the episode's airing, there were 4 Alliance races).
  • The world map present in Cartman's basement when he is giving the briefing to his large party is only a map of the Eastern Kingdoms, and all scenes in-game are depicted in Eastern Kingdoms zones (Elwynn Forest and Arathi Highlands). No mention of Kalimdor is made.
  • The final battle in the episode is depicted to have lasted over 17 hours. Most boss fights in World of Warcraft have enrage timers to shorten the length of various fights. However, PvP fights (of which the final battle would have been classified) don't have such timers, and could, in theory, last such a long time (although no PvP fight lasts so long in practice).
  • Cartman mentions before the battle that Kyle should give a cloak to Kenny that has a +15 agility enchantment on it. Enchantments on items automatically make an item soulbound and therefore cannot be traded.
  • Near the begining of the episode Kyle can be heard saying "Come on, we have to finish the quest in Stonehaven." No such place exists in game.


  • Ike, Kyle's baby brother, had higher level armor than most of other characters.
  • The  [Sword of a Thousand Truths] uses the same model as  [The Hungering Cold], but with greatly increased stats. The in-game sword  [Slayer of the Lifeless] also uses this model, and is a reference to the episode (specifically the line, "How do you kill that which has no life?"). The flavor text for Slayer of the Lifeless is "Foretold by Salzman", who was named in the episode as a man from "accounting" for Blizzard.
  • He Who Has No Life has his own card in the WoW TCG.

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