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For buff, see World Quest.
Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

World Quests were introduced in Legion as an expansion of the traditional Daily quest system of previous expansions. World quests rotate on different times across the Broken Isles and involve greatly varying objectives. Quests range in difficulty and rarity.

A friendly reputation is required with each Legion faction to unlock world quests on your main character with N [110] Uniting the Isles. All other characters on the same account will automatically complete the alternate version N [110] Uniting the Isles for turn in when they reach level 110, regardless of reputation standing.

World quests appear on the main map with various icons depicting the difficulty and rarity of the quest. For example, basic world quests will have (!) on a yellow background, elite rare quests will have (!) on a blue background surrounded by the elite dragon icon, and World boss quests will have (!) on a purple background surrounded by the elite dragon icon. The mini-map will show a golden border for the quest area. There is no limit to the amount of world quests per day; however, world quests are not repopulated based on completion. World quests do not vary character to character on the same realm.

Types of World Quests

  • Bonus objective format, freestyle
  • Traditional quest format, kill/gather
  • Mini-game (i.e. puzzles)
  • Profession specific
  • Micro-holiday

Emissary quests

Each day a new emissary quest will appear on the main map. A maximum of three emissary quests will be available. Emissary quests rotate on a randomized, three day cycle. They will rotate every three days, regardless of completion status. The zone specific faction emissary quests requires four world quests to be completed in the applicable Broken Isles zone. The Wardens emissary quests can be completed in any Broken Isle zone, and mostly involve elite targets. Kirin Tor emissary quests only require three world quests for completion, and mostly involve mini-game or puzzle quests. The Kirin Tor emissary quest rewards the character with a choice of reputation earned for one of the factions listed below or the Wardens.


Rewards for world quests vary greatly and are related to the type of world quest. Many of the rewards can scale based on character progression, such as Artifact Knowledge and Item level. Legendary items have a chance to be obtained from world quests, such as World boss drops and Emissary quest rewards. World quest rewards include:

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