Wormhole Generator: Pandaria

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  • Wormhole Generator: Pandaria
  • Binds when used
  • Toy
  • Use: Teleports you to somewhere in Pandaria. The exact location is difficult to predict, but will likely be far away. (15 Min Cooldown)
  • Requires Engineering (500)
  • "There is a tiny note on the side: Wheeeeeeeeeee!"
  • Sell Price: 50s

Wormhole Generator: Pandaria is an engineering device that teleports the caster to a location in Pandaria. It has a 15 minute cooldown.


This item is created with Engineering (525); taught by trainers.

Materials required:
Inv ingot trillium.png 12x [Trillium Bar] Inv elemental spiritofharmony 2.png 2x [Spirit of Harmony]


Unlike  [Wormhole Generator: Northrend], which opens a portal where you could choose your destination, the teleportation for Wormhole Generator: Pandaria is instantaneous once activated, and its destinations appear to be completely random. Users have reported being teleported to the following locations:

Pandaria map
Emperor's Omen, The Jade Forest @ 69.84,41.47
The Heartland, Valley of the Four Winds @ 49.79,63.37
Narsong Spires, Krasarang Wilds @ 58.87,79.02
Isle of Reckoning, Kun-Lai Summit @ 54.79,14.61
Firebough Nook, Kun-Lai Summit @ 42.50,44.30
Sra'vess, Townlong Steppes @ 16.97,34.87
Zan'vess, Dread Wastes @ 26.93,79.17
Rikkitun Village, Dread Wastes @ 29.65,58.44
Whitepetal Lake, Vale of Eternal Blossoms @ 47.54,52.89


  • In the Russian version of the game, flavor text "Wheeeeeeeeeee!" is replaced by "Поехааааалииииии!" - which is reference to famous phrase Поехали! (Poyekhali! — Let's go!) by Yuri Gagarin.

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