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Marion Wormwing.jpg
Marion Wormwing
Main leader

Harpy Harpy

Base of operations
Theater of operations

The Wormwing are a group of bright-plumaged harpies found residing near the Shrine of Aviana on the Rim of the World in Mount Hyjal.

The Wormwing harpies, led by Marion Wormwing, were a peaceful group that lived among the Druids of the Talon and other winged creatures at the Shrine of Aviana in Mount Hyjal. Now working with Sethria and the Black dragonflight, they seek to destroy it all and even prevent Aviana's rebirth.[1][2][3]

After their leader is dealt with, this group of harpies either leave or have been wiped out, it's unclear which.

Known members

Name Role Status Location
MobIconSmall Harpy.gif Marion Wormwing Leader, queen Killable Rim of the World, Mount Hyjal