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Worried About My Friends

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NeutralWorried About My Friends
Start Chromie
End Chromie
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Deaths of Chromie


Slay Zorathides at the Obsidian Dragonshrine.


I've heard about some trouble over at the black dragonshrine. I know, I'm a bronze dragon, but still! I worry about them sometimes! They weren't ALWAYS so grumpy.

If you're going there anyways, would you mind taking care of... whatever's causing so much of a disturbance?


I don't know what I'd do without my aspect. Must be tough.


It was a dreadlord? That's... unusual. I mean, I know we're in Northrend and everything, so risen skeletons aren't all that rare, but demons?

Oh well! Thanks for taking the time to calm my worries.


One-time quests

The Deaths of Chromie

  1. N [110] Chromie
  2. N [110] The Day That Chromie Dies
  3. N [110] Rewind
  4. N [110] The Many Advantages of Being a Time Dragon
  5. N [110] Preserve the True Future
  6. N [110] The Deaths of Chromie

Dragonshrine bosses

Repeatable quests

One random quest per run

Stratholme past

  1. N [110] Smoke, Meat, and Pretty Flowers
  2. N [110] Yeah, Definitely for the Kids
  3. N [110] Holing Up
  4. N [110] For Emery
  5. N [110] Fight Plague with Fire



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