Worthy of Passing

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NeutralWorthy of Passing

8 (Requires 1)




2s 25c



Escort Master Shang Xi through the Elders' Path.


The four elemental spirits will help you speak with the land and uncover its plight, but first, I have one small task to ask of you.

Join me, my pupil. Accompany this old pandaren to the western grove.


You will receive: 2s 25c


I do not have the strength of body or will that I once did. I'm glad there are noble pandaren like you to fight on for our people. You've come far, <name>.


On accept:

Master Shang Xi says: Come child. We have one final journey to take together before your training is complete.
Shang Xi takes off at a run to the northwest, slowing to a walk before the Elders' Path.
Master Shang Xi says: Beyond the Elders' Path lies the Wood of Staves, a sacred place that only the worthy may enter.
Master Shang Xi says: Of the many ways to prove your worth, I require the simplest of you now. I must know that you will fight for our people. I must know that you can keep them safe.
Master Shang Xi says: Defeat the Guardian of the Elders, and we may pass.
Shang Xi walks forward, stopping off to the side of the guardian.

The Guardian of the Elders is a level 7 elite statue with 411 health and no special abilities. Defeat it and Shang Xi takes off again:

Master Shang Xi says: You've become strong indeed, child. This is good. You will need that strength soon.
Master Shang Xi says: And here we are. Help me with a couple small tasks while I prepare, if you would.


  1. N [6] Morning Breeze Village
  2. N [7] Rewritten Wisdoms & N [7] Tools of the Enemy & N [7] Stronger Than Stone
  3. N [7] The Direct Solution & N [7] Do No Evil & N [7] Monkey Advisory Warning & N [7] Stronger Than Bone
  4. N [7] Balanced Perspective
  5. N [7] Dafeng, the Spirit of Air
  6. N [7] Battle for the Skies
  7. N [8] Worthy of Passing
  8. N [8] Unwelcome Nature & N [8] Small, But Significant
  9. N [8] Passing Wisdom
  10. N [9] The Suffering of Shen-zin Su

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