Wounded Blood Elf Pilgrim

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Not to be confused with Blood Elf Pilgrim (Hellfire Peninsula) or Blood Elf Pilgrim (Sunwell).
HordeWounded Blood Elf Pilgrim
Image of Wounded Blood Elf Pilgrim
Gender Female
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 64
Affiliation(s) Silvermoon City
Location Den of Haal'esh, Hellfire Peninsula[24.6, 76]
Status Alive

Wounded Blood Elf Pilgrim can be found in Den of Haal'esh. Her abandoned camp lie in Dustquill Ravine



Caged up.

The battered blood elf's face displays relief at your presence.

Please, <class>, get me out of this cage! I foolishly set out from Thrallmar ahead of the main group, despite Martik Tor'seldori's warnings.

I was set upon by horrible creatures that could only be the ravagers he talked about. I managed to drive them off, but that was only the beginning of my troubles.

As I bound my wounds, those bird men found me, dragged me back to this cave, and locked me in this cage! I must get to Falcon Watch!

When let out
Thank you for agreeing to help. Now, let's get out of here, <Name>!
When attacked
You won't keep me from getting to Falcon Watch!
1st attack
Over there! They're following us!
Allow me a moment to rest. The journey taxes what little strength I have.
2nd attack
Do you hear something?
Falcon Watch, at last! Now, where's my... Oh no! My pack, it's missing! Where has -

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