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News [edit]

26/27 August 2019 – World of Warcraft: Classic is live!
The portal to the past is open, and the drums of war thunder through time - WoW Classic is now live!
9 July 2019 – The Eternal Palace and Operation: Mechagon released
Swim down into the depths to Queen Azshara, and disassemble King Mechagon's plans within the bowels of his city. Season 3 also begins.
25 June 2019 – Patch 8.2.0 is live!
Continue your journey to Nazjatar and Mechagon Island, hunt down the essences for the Heart of Azeroth, and more!
11 June 2019 – Recruit-A-Friend is now on hiatus
The current Recruit-A-Friend program is on hiatus and a newer program will be introduced in the future as a replacement.

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Thor Modan in the Grizzly Hills


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