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* [https://wow.tools/files/ File Search] · [https://wow.tools/dbc/ DBC Browser]
* [https://wow.tools/files/ File Search] · [https://wow.tools/dbc/ DBC Browser]
World of Warcraft Programming
* [https://wowprogramming.com/ wowprogramming.com] · [https://books.google.com/books?id=tOSDV71ND_0C 2nd Edition]
<h4>Development Tools</h4>
<h4>Development Tools</h4>

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What are AddOns? How do I install AddOns?
AddOns are Lua / XML files that can modify the World of Warcraft User Interface. You can install an addon by extracting its folder(s) into the addons directory:

World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns

How do I develop AddOns? Where can I get AddOns?
Start with Create a WoW AddOn in under 15 Minutes. A simple text editor like VS Code or Notepad++ is sufficient. They can be downloaded from CurseForge and WoWInterface or one of the addon updater clients.

Interface documentation

Interface Customization logo.png

API Reference

Technical Details

Development Resources

GitHub Octocat.png wow-ui-source
GitHub Octocat.png BlizzardInterfaceResources



World of Warcraft Programming

Development Tools

Tutorials (HOWTOs)


ElinkIcon-youtube.png Mayron: Creating WoW AddOns
ElinkIcon-youtube.png Paul Halliday: World of Warcraft AddOn Development

AddOn Features

Developer Communities





Things you can help out with