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For the listing of other icons, see Wowpedia:List of race icons and Wowpedia:List of unique character icons.

This page contains aberration icons only, icons appearing here should not appear on the other icon list pages.

Drustvar creatures


  • IconSmall BloodLesser.gif{{RaceIcon|BloodLesser}} Blood Haunt Battle for Azeroth
  • IconSmall FelHaunt.gif{{RaceIcon|FelHaunt}} Fel Haunt Legion
  • IconSmall NightmareLesser.gif{{RaceIcon|NightmareLesser}} Nightmare Haunt Legion
    • IconSmall NightmareMedium.gif{{RaceIcon|NightmareMedium}} Nightmare Haunt larger Legion




  • IconSmall Tentacle.gif{{RaceIcon|Tentacle}} Claw tentacle WoW Icon update.png
  • IconSmall BloodTentacle.gif{{RaceIcon|BloodTentacle}} G'huun-like tentacle
    • IconSmall BloodTentacleMaw.gif{{RaceIcon|BloodTentacleMaw}} G'huun-like tentacle maw
  • IconSmall HelyaTentacle2.gif{{RaceIcon|HelyaTentacle2}} Helya tentacle Legion
    • IconSmall HelyaTentacle.gif{{RaceIcon|HelyaTentacle}} Helya tentacle with fins Legion
  • IconSmall LeviathanTentacle2.gif{{RaceIcon|LeviathanTentacle2}} Leviathan tentacle Cataclysm
    • IconSmall LeviathanTentacle.gif{{RaceIcon|LeviathanTentacle}} Leviathan tentacle with fins Cataclysm
  • IconSmall SpikeTentacle.gif{{RaceIcon|SpikeTentacle}} Spike tentacle Cataclysm
    • IconSmall NightmareTentacle.gif{{RaceIcon|NightmareTentacle}} Nightmare tentacle Legion
  • IconSmall Tendril.gif{{RaceIcon|Tendril}} Thin tentacle Wrath of the Lich King
    • IconSmall CrusherTentacle.gif{{RaceIcon|CrusherTentacle}} Flail tentacle Wrath of the Lich King
  • IconSmall VoidTentacle.gif{{RaceIcon|VoidTentacle}} Void tentacle Legion

Void Beings