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The definition of vandalism from the Wiktionary:

"Needless damage or destruction of property, usually someone else's property or common or shared property."

Vandalism in wikis

In terms of wikis, vandalism is adding any unwanted content to or removing any wanted content from the web site. Some vandalism is done by bots. Sneaky bot is a term coined by CJ for a "fake spam cleaner". This is a user who pretends to clean spam just to fool people into thinking the spam is removed when all they are doing is make a small edit or removing a few lines of spam.

Generally, in Wowpedia, this means adding content to this wiki which is not about or related to Wowpedia, Warcraft, or the World of Warcraft and ruining existing information. See the definition according to policy.

"I" icon Before you start reverting vandalism: Please read "About reverting vandalism".

Counter-vandalism IRC channel

Wowpedia has a counter-vandalism IRC channel! It picks up recent changes that may be vandalism and posts them on the channel.

Join the channel at, #cvn-wikia-Wowpedia!

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