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Welcome to the WoWWiki WoWlympics

Clopper Wizbang has lost his WoWlympic equipment!
Help find them and qualify for Wrath of the Lich King beta keys and WWI key cards

Inv jewelry ring 03.pngInv jewelry ring 03.pngInv jewelry ring 03.png
Inv jewelry ring 03.pngInv jewelry ring 03.png

After a busy night of prospecting for gold in his beer stein, Clopper Wizbang has lost all his WoWlympic equipment! Without all his gear, he has no chance of competing in the Azerothian WoWlympics and overturning age-old stereotypes about gnomish sporting prowess (who said gnomes can't sprint?). Do you have what it takes to find his gear in the dangerous world of Azeroth?

Even though Clopper Wizbang cannot remember where he put them, all is not lost. Scattered throughout this wiki, you will find clues to aid you in your quest to discover the whereabouts of the missing equipment. Good hunting!

How it works

Clopper Wizbang says...
Thank you so much for finding my gear!
How can I ever repay you?

The contest has ended! Remember to check your inboxes in a day or two to see if you're a winner!

28th August update: we are in the process of selecting winners. After some final checks, we will try and get the emails out later today. (We will announce when that occurs). You will only get an email if you have won - if you do, please reply to it promptly. We will then post/email your prize.

29th August update: Emails have gone out!


The current confirmed winners are:

  • Joseph Luo, EU
  • Ilina Stefan, EU
  • Mike
  • Andrew Nicholls
  • Grant Thorington, EU
  • Ryan Sunde, US
  • Sean Presky, US
  • Paul Bidwell, EU
  • Parker S
  • Christopher Gill
  • William Reed, US
  • Mirko Vucetic, EU
  • Brett Whatley, US
  • Julien Cheron, US
  • Michał Herman, EU
  • Cody Wells
  • Andrew Belshaw, EU
  • Jarod Nandin, US
  • Kris Moreno, US
  • John Liu, US
  • Simon Friberg
  • Andrew Kirby, US
  • Anon
  • Anon

Anon means I have their email but not their name. One winner is still to be picked.


The answers were, in order:


  • Prizes to be awarded will include:
    • Five (5) Wrath of the Lich King US beta keys
    • Twenty (20) WWI key cards (EU beta key and Tyrael pet)

  • Note that beta keys can be switched between regions via an email to Blizzard.
  • If you are only interested in the Tyrael pet, please specify this in the email.

Rules and regulations

  • Participants will be picked at random amongst submitted email addresses by Wikia.
  • There will be one drawing for each of the twenty five (25) prizes.
  • Winners will be notified via email.
  • If prize is unclaimed after 72 hours of notification to the email address provided, another participant will be picked at random.
  • Admin Kirkburn will be administering the sweepstakes with the help of Wikia Staff members, and is not an eligible participant.

For all the fun legal mumbo jumbo (aka the official rules), see WoWWiki:WoWlympics/Official rules.

Remember, please do not reveal the locations of any of the items on the wiki.


  • Should you have any questions, they can be addressed here.