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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Wowpedia:List of race icons article.

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"I" icon Requests for new icons should be placed here.

When making a request, please bear in mind the usefulness of the icon, in other words will it be used? Generally NYI races/creatures should not be requested as making the icon does require some sort of image to work off of. Creatures of similar nature or different skin/fur colors should also not be requested, for example we don't need a icon for polar bears, black bears, and brown bears.

Addendum: Don't request icons of content that hasn't gone live yet.



Mechanical/Animated objects


IconSmall UndeadNightElf Male.gifIconSmall UndeadNightElf Female.gif Dark rangers - Night Elves It would be good to update the new Forsaken Elven Dark Rangers, including the updated Undead High Elves and the new Undead Night Elves.




  • IconSmall FrostDwarf Male.gif Frostborn - They don't have blue hair in-game, the icon should have black hair (the only one with blue hair is a Falstad skin from HotS).



Removal replies

Please do not respond here, start a new section at the bottom if removal is disputed.
Mounts/Companions; should be avoided
 [Onyxian Whelpling], Onyxian Drake,  [Guardian Cub],  [Baby Blizzard Bear],  [Dark Phoenix Hatchling]
Minor differences; doesn't require a new icon
Azure drakonid, Gilnean Children
No mechanical model
 [Mechanical Yeti], Jewelcrafting Boar,  [Mechanical Greench], and  [Lifelike Mechanical Toad].
No WoW model
Incubus, Clockwerk goblin, Ancient of Wind, Ancient of Wonder,
Tree of Life/Ages/Eternity, Mur'gul, Mutant murloc, Nerubian queen,
Forgotten one, Arachnathid, Owl scout
Model too terrible for icons
Saronite Animus
Eggs - minor
Fire hawk egg, Cinderweb Egg
Serve no purpose
Boat, Deeprun Tram, Zeppelin, Horde Submarine, Alliance Submarine, Big Bomb, Orb of Translocation, Gnome Drag Car, Goblin Drag Car

Completed requests

Latest Update List

Dragonmaw Orcs

There's a problem for the Dragonmaw icons, they were merged with the gray orcs by Coobra 2 years ago. It would be separated to be able to do something with it.Klakmuf 20:36, 14 March 2017

GIF file format

Every icon should follow this consistency. The Blood Elf male and female should be converted to gif format just like the others instead of using the gif version as a redirect. — Surafbrov T / C / P 04:47, 5 March 2018 (UTC)