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Wrangle Some Aether Rays!

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NeutralWrangle Some Aether Rays!

70 (Requires 70)




4g 40s


N [70] Bombing Run



Skyguard Khatie has asked you to wrangle 5 Aether Rays. After you have done so, return them to her at the Skyguard Outpost atop the Blade's Edge Mountains.


Wanna help the Skyguard and Ogri'la?

Just hear me out before you walk away, <hot stuff/girly>. We're in need of remounts! The bombing runs and missions to Bash'ir Landing have taken a toll on our mounts.

The aether rays that fly around Vortex Pinnacle, and the Crystal Spine to the northeast, look like they'd do just fine. You don't even have to bring them back here, though that would be nice. Just break and rope them, and we'll track them down later.

Think you can wrangle me up some?


You will receive:4g 40s


You wrangle me some aether rays yet? You look like you might have some skill with rope, so it shouldn't take you too long.


Woo hoo! Nice job, <name>! Those rays are going to make excellent mounts!

Stick around kid... the Sha'tari Skyguard can always use a <man/woman> of your obvious talents!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


On delivery:

  • Skyguard Khatie says: Oh, isn't she a beauty! Can't wait to get her properly trained and back up in the air!
  • Skyguard Khatie says: Isn't he so cute?! Thanks for bringing him right to me!!!
  • Skyguard Khatie says: Thank you soooooo much for bringing it back. I think you're going to be my best wrangler ever!
  • Skyguard Khatie says: Woo hoo! More rays for training!
  • Skyguard Khatie says: Wow! Thanks for bringing it all the way back here. You didn't have to do that.
  • Skyguard Khatie says: You're a peach! I'll make sure that the ray is properly cared for.
  • Skyguard Khatie says: We never have enough of these rays for the Skyguard. You're keeping us afloat... literally!
  • Skyguard Khatie says: Nice job! She looks like she's in fine condition. Thank you!


  1. N [70] Wrangle Some Aether Rays!
  2. N [70 Daily] Wrangle More Aether Rays!

Pre-Requisite is [Bombing Run].

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