Wretched Thug

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MobWretched Thug
Image of Wretched Thug
Race Wretched (Humanoid)
Level 7 - 8
Health 130 - 150
Mana 138 - 165
Wealth 3c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Sunsail Anchorage, Eversong Woods

Wretched Thugs are hostile level 7-8 humanoids found on and around Sunsail Anchorage in Eversong Woods. Led by Aldaron the Reckless these wretched, along with Wretched Hooligans, have succeeded in overthrowing the anchorage.


  • Bitter Withdrawal (Drains health and mana from an enemy over 5 sec. and transfer it to the caster.)

Objective of

Objective: Kill 5 Wretched Thugs and 5 Wretched Hooligans.

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