Wyll Benton

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AllianceWyll Benton
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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) House Wrynn, Kingdom of Stormwind
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Elsie Benton (wife), brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Wyll Benton was a tall, heavyset, but elderly and gray-haired, servant of Anduin Wrynn. He had been taking care of him since he was a little. Refusing his service would offend him. As far as the king of Stormwind knew, Wyll had no family and was in service of House Wrynn almost his entire life, serving King Llane and King Varian. Even though he was sarcastic, Anduin knew he was a kind man.[1]

Shortly before the Cataclysm of Azeroth, Wyll accompanied his prince to Ironforge. After the petrification of King Magni Bronzebeard, his daughter Moira returned to Ironforge. Wyll was sent to find Anduin and Rohan in Ironforge and told them to see the princess. As Moira held captive everyone in Ironforge, he was certain that Varian was working on a liberation.[2]

Wyll had continued to serve as Anduin's manservant in the aftermath of the Argus Campaign. After Anduin's speech at Lion's Rest and the meeting with several Alliance members, Wyll tended to Anduin and spoke about their previous visit of Ironforge, as they would travel there again in the near future. Wyll assured Anduin that he would accompany him during his journey.[1] Once they returned from Ironforge to Stormwind, Wyll was trying to get everything ready for the next part of Anduin's journey. However, the king convinced him to stay in Stormwind and get a well-deserved rest.[3] Days later, his health worsened and Laurena and Genn confirmed he was dying. Upon hearing this, Anduin wanted to heal and restore his health, but Wyll, lying in bed in his chamber, refused. Wyll stated he tired of living with old age and wanted to see his deceased loved ones once again. Instead, Wyll allowed him to ease the pain. Anduin remained by his side and started reading his book about the Dragon Aspects until he fell asleep. When he awoke, he started hallucinating about his wife Elsie. As Anduin calmed him, Wyll's last words were for Anduin to tell Elsie that he will be waiting for her. With that he passed away.[4]