Wyrtle Spreelthonket

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NeutralWyrtle Spreelthonket
Image of Wyrtle Spreelthonket
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 51
Affiliation(s) Blackrock clan
Occupation Mercenary
Location Blackrock Stronghold, Burning Steppes
Status Unknown

Wyrtle Spreelthonket is an goblin mercenary located in Blackrock Stronghold in the Burning Steppes. He works for the Blackrock orcs.

It's unknown what happened to him after the Blackrock invasion of the Redridge Mountains failed.

Objective of

Players need to talk to him in order to fight Magma Lord Kolob for the quest N [51] Trial by Magma.


It ain't easy gettin' a contract with the Blackrock orcs. I mean, come on! The Blackrock orcs! These guys have been though more battles than Aggramar, AND they're sittin' on a mountain made of dark iron to boot! Cha-ching!
Wyrtle Spreelthonket says: Alright boys, we got a challenger! Time to show the general what our little captive can do!
Wyrtle Spreelthonket yells: Nooo! My baby...

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