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Xaldavan's avatar


Xaldavan is a former Customer Support Forum Representative for the European Forums. He along with Stradovin has replaced Lorclene and Celunduil.

He can often be found lurking in the shadows, taking the remaining crumbs from the buffet table. He reveals in his work a love for alternate music variants, from reggae metal to rock and bass - and a possible addiction to Bill Bailey, a british comedian from the west country. Some say he drinks petroleum. Others say he simply needs to sleep more often. What we know is true is that he certainly needs a holiday.

Quoted from the super secret internal Blizzard handbook on the "Care and Handling of a Xaldavan":

"A Xaldavan, when properly cared for, can be an extremely valuable asset in an office environment due to its kind nature and approachable demeanor. However, care must be taken to not leave a Xaldavan near Finnish chocolate, as it has been known to devour such delicacies with little regard to the safety and cleanliness of nearby computer keyboards." [1]


Xaldavan, along with Issuntril silently left the In-Game Customer Support-forum, whether or not they work for Blizzard is currently unknown. [2]