Xalian Felblaze

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MobXalian Felblaze
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Gender Female
Race Man'ari eredar (Demon)
Level 111 Elite
Health 53,756,150
Mana 3,998,310
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location [[]], Black Rook Hold
Status Killable

Xalian Felblaze is an eredar located at Black Rook Hold.


  • "Run, little Ravencrest, Run! There may still be time for you to flee and live out your final miserable days cowering in a tree somewhere!"
  • "The pup... has fangs..."
  • "What's this?? Ravencrest has sent a pup to face me? I will teach you to respect your betters, child!"
  • "You dare to defy the Burning Legion? Kneel before the unmatched power of fel!"
  • "You... You killed your own soldiers?! You crazed fool! You've sealed your own fate!"

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