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Image of Xan
Title <Lord of Glass>
Race Void god (Humanoid)
Level 100 Elite
Location Great Tree Valuundira, Shadowmoon Valley
Status Active

Xan is a void god found in Shadowmoon Valley, the last boss/elite you have to kill as a hunter to save and tame the spirit beast Gara.

The Lord of Glass, a void god who calls himself Xan, took Mother Om'ra's soul captive in the void realm.


  • Xan says: How dare you set her soul at rest. Om'ra's soul belongs to the VOID!
  • Xan says: I shall take this one as compensation!
  • Xan yells: Your soul will fill the void!
  • Xan yells: You can never escape from the void! Your souls will be devoured!

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