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Image of Xe'ra
Title The Light Mother[1]
Gender Female
Race Naaru
Level 110 Elite
Health 519,633,500
Mana 26,655,400
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Army of the Light
Location Xenedar, Argus
Status Deceased[2]
Relative(s) O'ros (descendant)

Xe'ra (pronounced ZEE-ruh),[3] the Light Mother[1] (also spelled Lightmother,[4] or the Mother of Light)[5] is the prime naaru, one of the first naaru to be forged during the great ordering of the cosmos. For a time her spirit was disembodied from her injured body, only an astral presence in the Great Dark Beyond.[6]


Xe'ra was one of the first naaru forged during the great ordering of the cosmos.[7] Archmage Khadgar believes, based on a passage in an ancient cosmology tome, that the Prime Naaru may have been created by Elune.[8] After the fall of Argus, the draenei's finest warriors followed the prime naaru Xe'ra across the cosmos as the Army of the Light in an eternal war to bring about the Legion's end. Since then, other survivors of the Burning Crusade have joined the ranks of the Lightforged.[9]

When Alleria Windrunner delved into the Void, Xe'ra had her imprisoned aboard the Xenedar.[1] Xe'ra never told the army that naaru can fall to the Void, as she did not want them to know about that.[10] This is in contrast with the naaru of the Sha'tar, who have historically been open about the dual nature of naaru.


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Xe'ra injured aboard the Xenedar.

Xe'ra's core, Light's Heart, was sent to Azeroth by High General Turalyon as a last resort to be handed to Prophet Velen. Doing this weakened her.[1] Light's Heart could only be unlocked by another naaru in Xe'ra's line, of which O'ros was the only naaru remaining, but he was killed during the Battle for the Exodar by Rakeesh, Velen's long lost son. However, Light's Heart would later be unlocked by the Tears of Elune at Khadgar's suggestion.

Xe'ra considers Illidan Stormrage the "child of Light and Shadow", the one she prophecized to be the cause of the Legion's ultimate demise. Through Light's Heart, she directly communicates with the leader of the class order charged to protect her core and tries to guide them towards "redemption", as in her eyes the leader's participation (if applicable) in the death of Illidan in the Black Temple was a terrible mistake.

A'dal, the current leader of a group of naaru called the Sha'tar, condoned Illidan's death.[11][12] It is unknown if A'dal knew about Xe'ra or Xe'ra's prophecy, or if he did but still went against her. It is furthermore unknown if Xe'ra has any affiliation with the Sha'tar at all.

Xe'ra claimed that once their work was done, her final task would be complete and she would be lost to the Great Dark Beyond.[13]

Xe'ra begins to forcefully fill Illidan with the Light.

Turalyon, Alleria, and an adventurer from Azeroth would later travel to the Xenedar, now crashed on Argus, where they found the gravely injured Xe'ra and teleported her to the Vindicaar.[1] Upon arrival and her reunion with Light's Heart, Xe'ra attempted to provide Illidan with his destiny through the Light, but Illidan stated he had traded his freedom for power before. As the two got into an argument about Illidan embracing the Light and whether his destiny was his own, Xe'ra even bound Illidan in chains of light to force the prophecy to be fulfilled and forge Illidan a new life. Stating that his life was not hers to take, Illidan ultimately broke free, declared his destiny is his own, and killed Xe'ra. Horrified, Turalyon cried that Illidan had doomed them all and attempted to strike him down. Illidan blocked Turalyon's blow, telling him that his faith had blinded him and there was no chosen one--only they could save themselves.[2] Only some last vestiges of light remained, which was gathered up as Velen swore that the Light did not die with her and shone in each of them.[14] Xe'ra's light was safeguarded in the Netherlight Crucible.[15]


Xe'ra, unlike many naaru witnessed thus far, has a proud, deceptive, stern and unforgiving personality. This may be a result of her age, and/or millennia of war taking their toll on her. She was unwilling to speak to the Army of the Light about the Void and the connection the naaru have to it, choosing to imprison anyone who found out, demonstrating her negative qualities heavily as a result. Her unwillingness to talk about it is likely a form of pride, either in her species, or in her position; the latter giving her the feeling that only she knows what is best for her allies. She'd also taken great pride in her prophecy, growing to the point of obsession in seeing it through, such that she was willing to force it to happen against the will of those involved. Similarly, her obsession with her prophecy made her hypocritical, willing to overlook the wrongs Illidan had committed, despite many of them being exactly the same actions the Legion had taken, simply because it was to her advantage; while simultaneously shaming and speaking down to the Adventurer who found Light's Heart for aiding the denizens of Outland because it ran contrary to her desires, and imprisoning Alleria for the comparatively minor sleight of learning about the Void.

Nonetheless, despite her many negative qualities, she is still a naaru and is still willing to forgive, though notably how useful they are impacts her willingness to forgive, and she's not so cold-hearted that she'll execute her allies for their sleights, as she could have done so to Alleria rather than simply imprisoning her.


  • (As Light's Heart) I am Xe'ra, one of the first naaru to be forged here during the great ordering of the cosmos.

Xe'ra also has dialogue during the following quests:

Notes & trivia

  • Her interaction with the leader of the class order charged to protect Light's Heart is different if they are an Illidari. Instead of blaming them for murdering Illidan and trying to guide them towards salvation, the Illidari leader, having sided with Illidan, is praised, and her goal with them is to make them understand Illidan's true goal and the sacrifices he made.
  • Xe'ra is the first confirmed female naaru as she bears the title Mother and both Velen and Turalyon refer to Xe'ra as she, rather than it.[1] She also has a feminine voice.[16]
  • Xe'ra is voiced by Kate Higgins.
  • Xe'ra's affinity towards Illidan became suspicious among the fanbase. Speculations like Xe'ra being some kind of a false illusion (such as Kil'jaeden's) quickly spread. Illidan himself, at first, believed this about the "elder naaru" that he met as well, thinking that Kil'jaeden was not called "the Deceiver" for nothing. However, the elder naaru then rescued Illidan from having his spirit captured or destroyed by Kil'jaeden as he was attempting to set up a portal between Argus and Outland. Kil'jaeden roared in rage when Illidan managed to escape with the naaru's aid.[18] Xe'ra eventually died on Argus, and Turalyon too believes in her prophecy.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Xe'ra may be the "elder naaru" that appeared before Illidan shortly before his demise in the Black Temple,[19] as they shared the same speech and prophecy about Illidan, and were encountered in a similar fashion.
  • Xe'ra may be the naaru that appeared to Turalyon in Beyond the Dark Portal.

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