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Xibala (devilsaur)

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This article is about the devilsaur called Xibala. For the subzone which took her name, see Xibala.
Image of Xibala
Gender Female
Race(s) Devilsaur loa
Relative(s) Rezan (son)

Xibala (pronounced "Shih-bala")[1] was the first of the devilsaurs, and mother to the loa Rezan, mother to all that came after. The Zandalari locals stay away from the eponymous region of Xibala where her bones remain, far to the south of Zandalar, as the area has been claimed by the beasts.[2]


  • Xibala's name is a reference to Xibalba, the underworld in Mayan mythology, which is appropriate as the region where she now rests was named after her, Xibala.
  • Broadcast text about Xibala was datamined during beta. It referred to Xibala as a male. However, it never made it to Live:
"I questioned many trolls about Xibala, and received a different story from all regardless of my interrogation methods.
Some said that Xibala made people's bodies swell up with putrification.
Or anyone who laid eyes on him became a living skeleton.
Or he lurked in the shadows and came out at night and devoured people while they slept.
Or he waited near the roads and caused people to die coughing up blood.
No wonder the locals stay away!"[3]

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