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Xolotal is an unknown creature that, presumably, manifests itself in the form of a wolf with lightning powers. The Avatar of Xolotal appears just outside of Xibala, within the Den of Xolotal, surrounded by Sons of Xolotal. It appears the Kao-Tien were attempting to subjugate the powers of the creature before being slain by its guardians.


  • Xolotal is a reference to the Aztec God, Xolotl, who had doglike features and was associated with lightning and death. Xolotl, in mythos, guarded the sun as it traveled through the afterlife each night.
    • Xibala, the region where the Den of Xolotal is located, is named for the Mayan afterlife.
    • The dog breed, xoloitzcuintli, is named for Xolotl, though they are typically hairless dogs.


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Given that Xolotal is, presumably, a wolf, they may be one of the Loa that the Zandalari worship.