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For the Atal'Dazar encounter, see Yazma (tactics). For the tablet, see Yazma (object).
Image of Yazma
Title <Zanchuli Council>
Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 108 - 120 Elite
Mana 38,743,440 - 47,216,800
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Atal'zul, Atal'Shadra
Former affiliation(s) Zandalari Empire,
Zanchuli Council
Occupation High priestess of Shadra
Location Dazar'alor
Status Killable
Companion(s) Eyes of Yazma, Ears of Yazma, Crazzak the Heretic
Yazma consuming Shadra

Yazma was a member of the Zanchuli Council of the Zandalari, and the high priestess of the spider loa Shadra.[1] She was King Rastakhan's spider, it was her duty to ensure schemes and plots that would harm the kingdom were heard before they hatched.[2] She sided with Zul and his master, the Blood God G'huun, in a plot to overthrow Rastakhan and free the Old God. She consumed the might of Shadra, transforming her into an arachnidian being, and was tasked with holding the sacred temple of Atal'Dazar for Zul.


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High Priestess of the spider loa Shadra, Yazma comes from a long line of priestesses who served the King as the keeper of secrets and spies. Through Yazma's diligence, King Rastakhan was warned of and survived at least fifteen assassination attempts. It was her spy network that also led to the discovery of the Gurubashi once again practicing blood magics and worshiping the fallen loa: Hakkar.[1]


Objective of


Yazma before her transformation


  • I am de High Priestess of Shadra, loa of spies and poisons. And who are you?
  • By whose authority do you address me?
  • I have no time for nonsense.
  • Rabble should be seen and not heard.
  • A rich noble in Zuldazar poke at me like dis ones. ONCE.
  • I will put your head on a spike, and den put dat spike in a box, and put dat box inside a bigger box, and den CRUSH IT WITH A HAMMER!
  • Keep dis up, and de poison in your veins will be so potent dat even dat greedy fool Bwonsamdi will be afraid to touch ya soul!
  • Did I dismiss you?
  • Remember: I have eyes everywhere. Everywhere...
  • Begone, and take dat foul smell wit you.


You stand before Yazma, de king's spider. It is my duty to ensure dat schemes and plots dat would harm de kingdom are heard before dey hatch.
So do not get any ideas... Horde filth.


  • Yazma's name is a reference to Yzma, the villain from the Disney movie The Emperor's New Groove which, like Zandalar, had a Pre-Hispanic American setting. She was also an antagonist who sought to overthrow the current emperor.
    • One of Yazma's pissed quotes is "I will put your head on a spike, and den put dat spike in a box, and put dat box inside a bigger box, and den CRUSH IT WITH A HAMMER!", referring to a scene in the movie.

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