Ymirjar Frostbinder

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MobYmirjar Frostbinder
Image of Ymirjar Frostbinder
Gender Female
Race Frost vrykul (Humanoid)
Level 80 Elite
Health 453,600-1,411,200
Mana 17,628
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ymirjar
Location Frostwing Halls, Icecrown Citadel
Status Killable

Ymirjar Frostbinders can be found in Frostwing Halls of Icecrown Citadel.


  • Arctic Chill-The caster channels the glacial cold, causing him or her to pulse Frost damage every second.
  • Frozen Orb-The caster channels a massive Frozen Orb which targets nearby enemy.
  • Spirit Stream-Infuses the destination with spirit power.
  • Twisted Winds-Switch places and threat lists with the target.

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