Ymirjar Wrathbringer

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MobYmirjar Wrathbringer
Image of Ymirjar Wrathbringer
Gender Male
Race Vargul (Undead)
Level 80 Elite
Health 132,000 (Heroic)
Affiliation(s) Ymirjar
Location Pit of Saron, Icecrown Citadel
Status Killable

Ymirjar Wrathbringers can be found in the Pit of Saron in Icecrown Citadel on the path leading to Scourgelord's Command. They are summoned in by the Ymirjar Deathbringer.


  • Spell shadow unstableaffliction 2.png  Blight (Heroic mode) 100 yd range — An unholy affliction blights the target, dealing Nature damage every 3.0 sec. If not removed in 15 sec, it will jump to another target. Instant. 2000 damage every 3 sec. 4000/3 on Heroic

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