You Can't Take the Sky from Me

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NeutralYou Can't Take the Sky from Me

110 (Requires 110)




N Druid [110] Defense of Aviana


Deal with Infazzar the Shade, and retrieve the Idol of Aviana.


The Shrine of Aviana has fallen to the demons, and the Idol of Aviana has been stolen.

That idol acts as a link between the Druids of the Talon and the powers of flight granted to us by Aviana.

The Druids of the Talon have decided to rebuild a new shrine in a more secure location: here in the Dreamgrove.

Meanwhile, I'm going to get our idol back. Meet me in Azsuna, near where we've tracked Infazzar to, if you want to help.


You will learn: [Archdruid's Lunarwing Form]

You will also receive: 19g 40s


<Place the Corrupted Idol of Aviana on the pedestal.>


You place the Corrupted Idol of Aviana on the pedestal.


The closest flight point is Azurewing Repose. From there, follow the path west and turn right at the first fork. You should be entering Nor'Danil Wellspring at this point. When you reach the first "lamppost" (next to a ruined pillar), go right and be on the lookout for a winding dirt trail in front of you. It will eventually lead you into Rhut'van Peak, which is where the scenario takes place.

After turning in the quest, you can speak to Skycaller Faeb if you wish to use the original [Flight Form].

Stage 1: Meet Up with Thisalee

Continue following the winding trail until you catch up with Thisalee Crow.

Stage 2: Infiltrate the Legion Encampment

  • Legion Encampment Infiltrated
Thisalee Crow says: Let's see what's going on... discreetly!

Shift into [Cat Form] and activate [Prowl], then continue following the trail as before. Thisalee will be off to the side behind a boulder.

Stage 3: Scouting Infazzar's Plans

  • Infazzar Scouted
Infazzar the Shade says: Legion! With this idol, the cowardly mortals' floating city will no longer protect them.
Thisalee shows herself.
Thisalee Crow says: Wrong! You die this day, demon!
Infazzar uses the Idol to corrupt the captive Cragtalon harpies and leaves towards the nearby Legion ship.
Thisalee Crow says: Blasphemy!

Stage 4: Flying Abominations

  • Fight off the attacking demons and fel harpies

Kill the demons that attack you and Thisalee until the tracker bar reaches 100%.

Stage 5: Follow Infazzar

  • Legion Ship reached

Having dealt with the more immediate threat, follow Thisalee as she runs to an edge of the peak.

Thisalee Crow yells: Over here!
Thisalee Crow yells: Aviana, please! Help us!
Two Lunarwing Owls fly in to assist.

Stage 6: Kill Infazzar

  • Idol of Aviana looted

Deal with the Feltalon harpies before engaging with Infazzar the Shade.

Infazzar the Shade yells: Enough of this game!

Avoid his Carrion Burst, as it does the most damage out of Infazzar's three abilities.

Final Stage: Return to the Dreamgrove

Thisalee Crow says: It is done. Let's get this idol back to the Dreamgrove.

Use [Dreamwalk] to enter the Emerald Dreamway and take the portal to the Dreamgrove.


The quest's name is taken from the lyrics of the theme song for the US television show Firefly.


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